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Lets face it, everyone loves a wedding disco (some more than others!) What we want is for you to request a song that'll get you up on the dancefloor. You might want to request two!

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Question 1 - What song would you like to be played at the wedding disco?

Full list of responses:
Dennis and Jean : simply the best
Ruth : Backstreet's Back...
Zakiye Dean : Smack my bitch up
shelly Anderson : DIVORCE Dolly Parton
Becky Russell : Foo Fighters - Hero
matt : 2ZFHQ
rodjer : vChlAC
rodjer : aLSNu
julian : sfw4m
martin : WuV6L
Mark : K83J6J
Mark : 8kv1Q
Mark : wr0vz
Mark : VVrBA
Mark : 81JXoy
Mark : cchpgH
Mark : WU19J
GoldenTabs : 2zXSi
GoldenTabs : YYKQe
GoldenTabs : jyOVT
GoldenTabs : 8XWeXX

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