Saturday 9th August 2014 - Married for 2127 days

Wedding Party Profiles

Read our profiles of the maid of honour, bridesmaids, ushers and the best man.
Not only will they ensure the smooth running of the wedding, but help us to celebrate the happiest day of our lives.

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The little 'uns
The flower girl and page boy

Sophia Carpenter
Sophia CarpenterSophia will be our flower girl for the wedding. She is our god child and daughter of Gemma & Simon. Likes: walking, eating, musical instruments, Uncle Paul's wristbands and Aunty Rachael's glasses. Dislikes: lying down to have her nappy changed and being stopped from running around!
James Bowden
James BowdenJames, our nephew, will be our page boy for the wedding. Likes: mini golf, snakes & ladders, Skylanders and roast dinners. Dislikes: electric hand-driers and losing at mini-golf

Starring two sister combos...the Norton's and the Saunders'!

Gemma Carpenter
Gemma CarpenterMaid of Honour. Gemma and Rachael met on their first day at Bath Spa University in 2001 and have been inseparable ever since. They have a mutual love of Disney and Dean from Supernatural! She means the world to the both of us and you will find her on the dance floor at the wedding!
Sally Norton
Sally NortonChief Bridesmaid. Sally has always been very close to her big sister Gemma, so it was inevitable that her and Rachael would grow close. Currently travelling around the world, we can't wait for her to return and play a big part in our special day. At the wedding you will find her by hearing her amazing laugh!
Catherine Lamb
Catherine LambPaul's big sister. Having got married recently and being extremely creative, we will be needing lots of Cat's help with the planning of the wedding. At the wedding you will find her socialising and chatting to anyone!
Louise Saunders
Louise SaundersPaul's little sister. Louise, being the typical student, will be keeping the party spirit going during the wedding and hen party. At the wedding you will find her at the bar or with a drink in her hand! Ask her to tell you the story of when she first met Rachael!

The Best Man
The man who will be keeping Paul sane on the big day

Michael Cleavely
Michael CleavelyPaul's eldest cousin from the Cleavely clan, he's always seen Michael as an elder brother (considering the lack of brothers he has!) and always looked up to him. Fun, sociable and lover of a cold one, Michael is the perfect choice for best man. And if he doesn't have a beer in his hand, call an ambulance!

A mixing of the two families

James Lamb
James LambJames is married to Paul's eldest sister Catherine. They have got on from the first day they met and Paul was honoured to be an usher for Cat and James' wedding. If you have trouble identifying James on the big day, fear not...he will be the one attempting some crazy break dancing on the dance floor (and that's before the DJ arrives!)
Mark Bowden
Mark BowdenMark is Rachael's big brother and her only sibling so naturally he would play a special part in our big day. Paul first met Mark on his first ever trip to the valleys with Rachael. His first words to Paul were, "So, you're a Chelsea fan then? Hmm." Though, since accepting this fact, Mark and Paul have got on really well and their love of football has a lot to do with that!
Matt Cleavely
Matt CleavelyMatthew is the younger brother of Michael and has been close to Paul whilst growing up. Matt is famed for not knowing which hairstyle he prefers. However, those hoping for another new creation will be disappointed as he is under strict instructions to have a sensible haircut on the big day!