Saturday 9th August 2014 - Married for 2127 days

About Us


RachaelSo, if you don't already know I'm a HUGE Disney fan and I love penguins. I'm a primary school teacher who has lived in London for 8 years (though my green, green grass roots of home have not left me!)
I also love to watch trashy television programmes that includes Millionaire Matchmaker, Made in Chelsea etc. Though, my favourite T.V series is Supernatural and my favourite band is Take That. I'd say I'm the demanding, bossy and the high maintenance one of the relationship!


PaulAlso known to some as 'Paulo'. I am a massive Chelsea supporter and a lover of sport in general. Although not as passionate about Disney as Rachael, I do possess a good knowledge of the Disney films (more than Rach in some cases!) My favourite TV programmes include Top Gear and Match of the Day. I would say I'm the calming influence in the relationship due to my relaxed attitude to...well, everything!

How we met...

So, one Summer evening in 2006 Rachael was in London as she had been visiting her new school in Wembley. She went to stay with her best mate (see maid of honour) for the weekend, who lived in Surrey. Over the weekend, a night out was planned for the lovely Lisa's birthday. So off Rachael went, fake-tanned and preened. Little did she know that Lisa's boyfriend Sam had invited some of his friends along. A few drinks later (!) Rachael talked AT Paul for most of the night. The night ended in a kebab shop in Sutton with Rachael throwing a slice of processed cheese at Paul as she was cross that the kebab man did not put grated cheese on her cheese, chips and mayonnaise order! Rachael moved to London a few weeks later and the rest, as they say, is history...

The proposal...

It was April 2012, we had spent a fortune on a holiday to Mexico. To say we were excited was an understatement! Just like any woman, Rachael had been thinking about (and telling Paul) about how much she wanted to get married but didn't think it was going to happen soon. Also, Paul is rubbish at keeping secrets and Rachael is so nosey that she always thought she would suss him out before proposing. Little did she know...

Rachael's wonderful brother had arranged for us to enjoy a candle-lit meal on the beach whilst we were there. So, just before we headed out, Paul suggested we take some pictures on the balcony. Whilst attempting to take some shots of us with the Caribbean Sea in the background, Paul stopped, took Rachael's hand and began to kneel this moment Paul collapsed in agony clutching his knee. He had forgotten about his football injury he had suffered weeks before! He then (eventually) asked Rachael to marry him, Rachael asked if he was joking, said "oh my god" a lot and then cried...a lot! She had to sit down for a few minutes staring at THE most beautiful ring she had ever ever seen!

We eventually recovered and preceded to head for our candle-lit dinner. En route, we called both sets of parents to spread the news. What was said, we cannot remember! We had a beautiful meal, washed down with a bottle of pink champagne and a couple of cocktails for good measure. Although the alcohol slightly clouded our heads, it was a truly amazing, magical night that we will never forget!!!

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